Start location scouting

The only app where you can organize your locations, scout new ones, and book venues for your next photoshoot!

Quick & Easy Setup

Search Scout It in the app store, download, and start scouting location in minutes!

On the hunt

If you are struggling to find your dream location post it in the Hunt section. Other creatives can comment on your search and help you find your ideal shooting location!

Save Locations

Every creative has their top go-to spots! Within ScoutIt you can save your current locations easily and organized for your future use!

Book Venues or Host

Within the app you can book a venue or studio within minutes. If you own a venue or studio space and would like to rent it out, you can sign up as a host to get started!

Scout new locations

Needing new locations to shoot at in your home city? Or maybe you are going out of state and don't know where to begin looking? With in ScoutIt you can search for new shooting locations that others have made public.

Weather & Sunlight

With each location saved within the app you will receive real time weather reports and sun directions to that specific location






Scout locations all over the world from the comfort of your home

Be prepared for your next out-of-state shoot by already saving locations on the Scout It app. If you are not finding the spot you love get ahead of the game and post your search into the Hunt section. Other creatives familiar with that city or state can recommend locations to you.


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